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About Us

We are a hotel company made by Cusqueña hands, to make your stay in this imperial city, a pleasant experience. Our house is characterized by itsIMG_20160714_111144980_HDR hospitality, peaceful, clean and friendly environment, away from noises and smog; where guests can appreciate art and customs of the high Andean provinces of Cusco, and enjoy the Andean, healthy and natural breakfast.

We are very interested that you feel welcome and safe at Laramani Hotel boutique.


Satisfy the needs of warmth, comfort, and safety of our guests. With the firm commitment of our organization, in the development of sustainable tourism in the southern Andean region.


Being a hotel company that makes a difference in the hospitality service in southern Peru; making service excellence an habit, valuing our cultural identity.


  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Care and preservation of the environment.
  • Conservation and preservation of the living culture.
  • Culture of service.
  • Identity.
  • Creativity.
  • Honesty
  • Assumes and promotes the Andean values: AMA Suwa, Q`UELLA AMA, AMA LLULLA.
  • Assumes and promotes the principles of Fair Trade.


“We must be the change we want to see in the world”.
The only constant in our organization is change towards continuous improvement, so that each of our guests enjoy the pleasure of being served as they deserve.


Our name Laramani, inspired by the Laramani hill, Apu tutelary of the high Andean provinces of Cusco, Aymara word meaning “Azulino” , when there is a storm this hill turns dark blue . There are songs and poems inspired by the Apu Laramani.

Each room has a name, of the seven districts of the province of Canas, Cana or Qhana, Aymara word meaning light or Clarity, in homage to the towns where the first libertarian outcry of the American Emancipation was conceived in 1780, led by the Curaca of Tungasuca Don Jose Gabriel Condorcanqui Tupac Amaru II Noguera-. The junior suite called Apu Laramani protect the high Andean provinces, and two rivers P’hayacchuma and Q’ueroruma slopes of the beautiful lagoon of Langui-Layo, districts of the province of Canas at 4,100 meters above sea level, 17 km long, 5 km wide. The largest in the region after Lake Titicaca.

Today, it is characterized by the livestock trade and decorated with a beautiful geography composed of glaciers, lakes and hot springs, people of the high plateaus where the Vicuña hisses, Condor flies and Puma roars; Fans of horse racing, bullfighting and music with string and wind instruments like guitars, mandolins and charangos, quenas and pinkullos. The people of the upper provinces in bullfights do not kill the bulls , they respect them, these animals such as horses, cattle, llamas and sheeps are the foundation and sustenance of the economy of the high Andean villager.
Excellent for adventure tourism and ecotourism, there are also traces of pre-Inca architecture and Inca, as the Inka Q’eshuachaca bridge, suspension bridge made of k’oya, or straw 50 Mts. long above the Apurimac River, which is remodeled as if it were in the Incas period, each year by the residents of rural communities Q’ehue district, the activity ends with a folk festival. All activities from their ancestors of the Andean people is always cause for celebration, with songs and dances wearing traditional dress special for every occasion.

And pre-Inca and colonial buildings in each of their districts and the neighboring province of Espinar, like the barrel of Suykutambo and archaeological site K’anamarka, Chullpas i Grottoes the neighboring province of Chumbivilcas.
Our logo represents the close relationship of the Andean man with nature, our mother earth. The clouds represent the Janajpacha (the world above) as a symbol of rest and freedom, the red door the keipacha as a symbol of warmth of home, the steep part as the shapes of the mountains in the Andes (Los Apus) represent the connection heaven and home protection and the base of the mountains plateaus and valleys as a symbol of stability and confidence together at once with the Ujupacha or the world below, where it finally ends the life cycle of human beings and other beings on this planet.

“Let’s enjoy life with respect for mother nature, live in peace building a better world for future generations.”



Enjoy a restful sleep in a peaceful and ecologically undisturbed by noise and smog. We have 13 comfortable rooms  , standard , VIP rooms  and Suite junior ...




Breakfast buffet, traditional and organic Andean products like quinoa, amaranth, k'añihua, granola, fresh fruit juices, seasonal fruits, Awaymanto, Sauce, the best cheese...